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Written by Tony Parrot, Business Development Manager- Machine Building

Exciting times are looming with a simple new concept from Phoenix Contact. Simple in conception but very far reaching in its consequences.

As a manufacturer, Phoenix Contact is taking component supply to another level with all the current trends of efficiency and cost saving the real focus. In line with the new forward thinking manufacturing industries, Phoenix Contact really wants to take partnership all the way through from product selection to integration into systems and machinery with all the relevant support.

What are we doing? How is this right for you?

COMPLETE Line encompasses 60% of our current product range – simple definition for the products are that they will be grey with an orange button. (Grey is the new colour of choice for components and the orange is the now famous push-in technology connection).

This lets me say a new word! Thanks to their uniform design and uniform haptics, the COMPLETE line products are extremely easy to install. This will save you time during installation, start up, and maintenance. All COMPLETE line products feature push-in connection technology, which means that you are able to wire entire applications quickly and without using tools.

So what’s my point today? Well the COMPLETE Line concept covers the following:-

Everything for the Cabinet

Project CompletePlanning and Marking software from the transfer of data from electrical plans to supplying your finished product, the software features individual and convenient process support.

Quick and easy control cabinet wiring – Wiring with push-in connection technology for electrical systems can be wired consistently from the field to the controller – easily and without any tools. This creates opportunities for new, more efficient machine and system installations. The tool-free direct insertion of conductors and the optimally accessible front connection make push-in technology the connection technology of the future for automated wiring.

Terminal strip production – Phoenix Contact not only provides all of the products needed to create the best control cabinets, but also supports users with a wide range of services. Our terminal strip production service in particular helps you to manage order peaks flexibly and enables you to deliver terminal strips just-in-time for series production. The fully assembled and marked terminal strips, already equipped with accessories, then simply have to be installed and connected.

Product Configurators – Our configurators support you in finding the right product or the right solution for your application according to your specific requirements. Thanks to simple filter menus, 2D and 3D product images, and the intuitive user interface, you can configure your individual solutions in just a few steps – without errors.

Delivered to your spec, under your control when and where suits your expectations. This has been kept pretty quiet up until now so don’t go off over excited and tell everyone contact us and discuss it further.

I will stop there as this is an introduction and the COMPLETE Line concept covers so many good features and many benefits to our manufacturing partners. We will go into these in more detail as we move forward to 2020 when our full launch to you will commence and the message brought to you directly via our website, blogs, sales visits and #TheTourUK.

For more information, contact Tony on 07971 280498 or email tparrot@phoenixcontact.com



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