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Written by Andy Neat- Product Manager, Marking & Installation

I’ve put my selfie stick down from vlogging today and turned back to my keyboard for a change, after all, it has been nearly a year since my last blog so why not?!

Just like Game Of Thrones, all good things must come to an end…well I didn’t actually watch Game Of Thrones, but everyone told me it was good…apparently Jon Snow knows nothing??…anyway, like I was saying, all good things come to an end and is also the case for our long serving design software Clip Project.

Clip Project originally started out as Clip Select back in 2000. I was actually still at school back then, where my only real concern was completing Super Mario. Whereas now, 19 years later, my main concern has been the release of this legendary software’s successor, so I better get to the point!

For those of you that don’t know, Clip Project is a design software in two parts- ‘Planning’ software and ‘Marking’ software. ‘Planning’ is used to design an entire layout drawing of a rail assembly from the din rail all the way up to the Phoenix Contact components you can mount onto it. Whereas ‘Marking’ is the software which (you guessed it) prints to all of our marking systems…sorry, marketing leading marking systems 😉

So what’s going to happen to Clip Project? The simple answer is nothing (for now). If you’ve already got it then it won’t be supported/updated anymore. All attention is now going to the new sheriff in town!

So who is the new sheriff in town? The new software is called Project Complete. This software is a complete overhaul of Clip Project, with your first impression being how much more modern it looks. Its feel and flow is a big difference and looks very much at home in Windows 10.

Some of the key improvements are:

  • Dynamic task bars
  • Colour cable marking mode
  • Intuitive product search
  • Active printer selection
  • Integration with eShop
  • Improved 3D viewer
  • Favourite product lists
  • Customised user roles
  • Improved integration with ECAD softwares
  • Machine control via AutomationML
  • Speed marking feature
  • Faster accessory selection

But underneath the new sleek facia of the Project Complete software is the familiarity of your old friend Clip Project. It doesn’t feel like you’re learning to use an entire new software, it feels like the software is simply easier to use. All the old features are still there too with ‘marking export’ and DXF and DWG exports and as usual, the relationship with Eplan is stronger than ever with bidirectional integration between the two softwares. And don’t worry, anything you’ve already created on Clip Project can be opened on Project Complete, no problem!

Project Complete is huge step forward in our ever growing vision of smart manufacturing and the future of our industry. If you stand still, you get left behind. But we’ve taken the lead with this software revamp and it’s goal is simple…making your life easier!

Oh and it’s free!!!!  You can download it here

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