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Written by Andy Mills, Sales & Marketing Manager- Industrial Components & Electronics

We often get asked by customers “can you please come and do a workshop to show everything that you do?”…

The answer is of course “No problem”.

The downside to this approach is the sheer amount of products we are able to show, so there will likely be some aspects which are less applicable to the customer’s needs.

Therefore, wouldn’t it be good for you (the customer) to be able to build your own workshop day tailor made for your own application?

This brings us to The Tour.

The Tour will be a tailor made workshop at your premises (or ours) for all your team on subjects of your choice on a date/time of your choice.

Showcase 2019

So before we roll out the Tour in 2020, we would first like to offer a “Showcase”, where we will show you all of our main products, solutions and campaigns.

  • Completeline
  • Smart Networks
  • Project Complete
  • Safety
  • #MarkingTheNation
  • Best Switching
  • PLCnext
  • IPCs
  • HMIs
  • Project Complete
  • Surge & Lightning Protection
  • Connectivity
  • IIoT Power Supplies
  • and many more 

PP Control and Automation

We would also like to take this opportunity to announce that we will be teaming up with our good friends at PP Control and Automation, who will be showcasing topics of their own, including the very popular Strategic Outsourcing.

Once you have seen a quick introduction to each of the topics on show, you can build your very own workshop based on what you feel best fits your business and team.

The date for our 2019 showcase is 12th September at Williams F1 in Abingdon. Click here to book your place.

We look forward to seeing you there!



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