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Written by Scott Mulholland, Product Manager- Industrial Components

Our new PTV terminals offer a new way to connect. If you are a customer using the screw connection method in your terminals, you will of course value the benefit of the conductor/wire entering the terminal from the side. If you are a push in connection method terminal user, you will know the speed of termination and resilience to vibration benefits that ‘push in’ delivers. Well now, you can enjoy all of the above benefits by using our new PTV terminals.

The PTV does not replace our standard PT range of push in terminals, PTV are an additional part of the ever expanding Phoenix Contact ‘Clipline’ series of din rail terminals. And, as part of the Clipline series, they utilise the exact same universal accessories (jumper bars, test adapters etc) as all of our other Clipline terminals, point being you don’t have to worry about buying specific accessories for the new PTV series.

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PTV gives clarity

  • Clear distinction between operating level and wiring
  • Minimum installation hights (low profile)
  • No bending radius (straight across from the trunking into the terminal)

PTV for best ergonomics

  • Simple and tool-free wiring
  • No special tooling required
  • Self-explanatory technology

PTV for functionality

  • Unique large label space above the wire entry
  • Easily accessible test point

The quickly expanding range of PTV terminals is available in (grey, blue and gy/ye PE):

  • 2,3 and 4 conductor feed through.
  • Double level.
  • Functional/Disconnect.
  • Fuse holder.

For more information contact Scott on 07908 583375 or email

To request a PTV terminal sample, please email with your name, company name, and postal address.



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