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Written by Gary Nelson, Senior Product Manager- Device Connections

Do you struggle to find product specific downloads on websites and wish there was an easier way to get what you need quickly?

As a design engineer having access to detailed product information is key when working on your latest project however this may mean you have to access multiple pages on a website to obtain what you need. If you have several parts specified on your design, you could be spending a significant amount of time seeking the data you require. This is especially true if you are creating a pack of drawings, CAD files or project information for a contract equipment manufacturer to use to produce your design.  

The amount of downloadable information varies depending upon the product types you are designing in and what you require. You may simply need data-sheets however with the trend in electronics towards fully automated production lines using surface mount (SMD) or through hole reflow (THR) products you may require packaging information as well. Of course, your design may be sent electronically to colleagues or your customers in which case CAD files are critical in your design process.

If you are looking for quick access to data-sheets, CAD files, drawings and other downloads for our products they are all available in one place on our website. Simply search by the part number you require, or multiple parts if you separate the numbers with a comma, and all available data will then be shown in a pop-up window when the “go to downloads” button is clicked. You can then chose which files you need for that specific part and download them before moving on to the next one on the screen, when multiple part numbers have been entered.

As a world leading manufacturer, we are continually striving towards a digital first strategy to ensure you the customer have access to as much information as possible relating to our products online from our website. The download search is only one of many online tools available to you on our website to help ease your design process by putting product information at your fingertips.

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