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Written by Andy Maskell, Product Manager, Safety and Networks

Safety monitoring using IO Link diagnostics

Last year we introduced the PSR SWITCH concept using transponder technology for the highest level of safety in your machine. This year we introduce the other half of the story!

The PSR-MC42 Safety relay

The PSR-MC42 safety relay has two dual channel input circuits allowing for example an emergency stop circuit and up to 30 PSR-SWITCHES to be monitored at the same time offering a complete safety solution in one relay.

As well as being a safety relay the PSR-MC42 is an IO-LINK device allowing all of the possible 30 switches in a chain to be monitored individually and status reported back to an IO-LINK master.

This information can be used at the main controller or displayed on a HMI directly for example using our stand alone IO-LINK MASTER.

This means you can monitor the behaviour of your safety system accurately and simply regardless of the chosen network. This reduces machine downtime and ensures the highest level of safety and compliance with the current standards.

EN ISO 14119 (Safety of machinery-Interlocking devices associated with guards)

This standard deals with the issue of fault masking and the possibility of defeat (Intentional or accidental) of the safety system.

The video below shows how this all works:

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We will have working demonstrations available very soon so feel free to contact me directly if you would like to learn more about our IO-LINK solutions:

Contact Andy on 07584 235440 e-mail: amaskell@phoenixcontact.com



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