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Written by Andy Moore, Industry Manager- Energy

Around 5 months ago I started working for Phoenix Contact as an industry manager for energy. The goal of this role was to look at the market in detail and promote Phoenix Contact’s products. In doing so I hoped to be able to make a positive effect and enable the energy network to become smarter and more efficient and, ultimately, I will be aiming to support and develop a sustainable future in the energy market working alongside Phoenix Contact customers.

Let’s jump to 5 months later where I am now.  I am simply amazed at some of the great work going on in the market and what the UK is doing to lead the way for Net Zero targets, climate change reduction and a sustainable future for our energy supply. From development of more energy storage to buffer our renewable generation to some new research in fusion, we are looking at a very interesting and exciting future for our energy infrastructure.

All Energy Glasgow

We exhibited at All Energy in Glasgow in May which was an inspiring event. I found myself discussing varied topics such as student-built energy monitoring technology being turned into an online university-wide challenge with the most efficient Hall-rooms gaining prizes as well as energy-storage concepts that utilise gravity, old mine shafts and dropped loads.

PAC World (Protection, Automation & Control)

Just one month later I found myself at the PAC world conference where I was able to listen to the latest ideas from experts around the world, such as the future of IEC61850 and completely digital substations.  One of the most interesting case studies presented was the use of IoT devices to increase information collection for cloud analysis. This should help in the development of understanding of failures and therefore highlight areas for improvement.

Our Products

So, what have we got that can help with the development of the UK energy network? Well, we have over 60,000 products and there are so many options that can be used for a smarter grid and energy network.

Phoenix Contact has developed a test plug assembly referred to as FAME (fast and modular energy system). This simple connection system will speed up CT testing as it is external to the cabinet and therefore improves safety as nothing needs to be opened. I have also recently been learning about the BUS couplers for an application involving LV switchgear and I love how simple they are to configure and test.

As the UK energy supply is now heavily renewable, a keen focus in energy storage is essential so that solar energy can been kept for the night and wind can be used when the weather is calm. Our PLCs, building management and energy monitoring technology are all being investigated as key solutions to add more intelligence and control to these systems.  Later this year Phoenix Contact will release RTU units based on the PLCnext, which has me very excited as the PLCnext technology was described to me as a PLC merged with a smart phone. It should lead the way for smarter control across our energy network.

As for terminal blocks, don’t get me started! I never knew how many different types of terminal blocks were possible until I joined Phoenix Contact. With so many products and constant development, it is now up to us and our customers to turn them into solutions so that the future of energy is better and brighter.

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