Simplicity + Safety?

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Written by Andy Maskell, Product Manager- Functional Safety

Implementation of functional safety can cause a bit of head scratching and confusion over the best way to physically connect everything without creating a complex web of cabling and drawings. Not only does this take time it also creates the opportunity for errors.

So let us make it simple for you.

The PSR-MC38 Safety relay in conjunction with CONTACTRON PRO Hybrid motor starters provides a straight line to safety.

Using T-bus technology the safety interconnections are created by simply clicking each Contactron hybrid motor starter in place. This ensures that up to 10 Contactron units can be safely shut down by each PSR-MC38 safety relay. Even the power supply can be connected in the same way saving yet more time and effort. No programming or configuration required!

Now that is simple.

Contactron Pro + PSR-MC38 Safety relay

  • Compatibility with all input types/signal generators
  • T-BUS connectivity¬† – Reduces wirning effort / reduces time / reduces cost
  • Safety related group shutdown of up to 10 Contactron Pro Hybrid motor starters
  • Up to PLe /SIL3
  • Feedback on motor status via optional relay module
  • Approvals for all global markets
  • Screw and push-in options
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