Seamless integration for your Building Automation

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Written by Deepan Patel, Industry Manager- Infrastructure

In my previous blogs I have talked a lot about some of our great solutions for Building IOT. If you haven’t checked them out, you can here.

When it comes to designing Building Automation solutions, it is difficult when you have old hardware to work with or you are integrating many systems. For example:

  • HVAC – AHUs, VAVs, etc.
  • Smart Meters – Energy meters, flow meters, heat pumps, etc.
  • Security – Access control, fire panel, etc.
  • Lighting control
  • Workplace environment – Room booking, room control, etc.

The ILC 2050 BI Controller was designed to improve the integration of these systems. Tridium’s Niagara N4 framework was chosen to complement our solutions, streamlining the many protocols providing the sense of integration from a hardware perspective. Protocols such as DALI2, BACNet MS-TP/IP, Modbus TCP/RTU, M-Bus, MP-Bus and more!

I believe that our solution helps engineers in their designs, offering robustness while reducing multiple points of failure in the overall design as the modules are connected directly to the ILC controller without any gateway in between, therefore further improving performance and engineering time as well as cost in commissioning.

This is what the solution would look like using Phoenix Contact.

Want to know more? Please contact me and I’d love to have the opportunity to explain further, or offer a demonstration.

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Here are the further details on just some of our Modules for the ILC2050 building controller.

Inline function terminal – IB IL MP-BUS-PAC – 2702921

  • MP-Bus master for the connection of up to 16 MP-Bus devices
  • Reduces wiring costs and saving time
  • Offers feedback for sensor & status information
  • Replaced traditional 0V to 10V interface for actuators in Building Automation
  • Integration for MP-Bus devices

Inline function terminal – IB IL MBUS-PAC – 2701927

  • M-Bus connection for up to 30 devices
  • Transmission speed can be set from 300 baud to 19,200 baud
  • Diagnostic and status indicators

Inline function terminal – IB IL DALI MM-V2-PAC – 1199811

  • DALI master with integrated DALI bus supply
  • Suitable for both single and multi-master operation
  • Supports the DALI 2 standard

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One thought on “Seamless integration for your Building Automation

  1. Mia Evans

    It’s interesting to know that there would be solutions regarding preventing multiple points of failure when having building automation installation in an establishment. I can imagine how convenient that would be for companies if they can rely on those devices. With that in mind, it would be best to hire professionals with a good reputation to achieve that as well in their building for the comfort of their staff and their clients.


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