Running out of Space in your cabinet?

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Written by Scott Mulholland, Product Manager- Industrial Components

Empty cabinets look big don’t they? But start putting the equipment in and it’s surprising how fast that space fills up.

That’s why at, Phoenix Contact, we are constantly finding new ways to save you space in the cabinet. Our Clipline Complete range of push in terminals (PT), part of the Complete Line system, have many options that are specifically designed to save you space. And if you’re saving space, you may well be saving money.

Take for instance our 1.5mm pitch knife disconnect blocks – PTT 1,5/S-2MT – 3210351

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So that’s 572 signals in just 1 metre of rail, all of which you can disconnect vi a the knife disconnect function.

For high density wiring of signals or potential look to our PTRV and PTMC solutions.  Again, we make the most use of the space available whilst aiding the identification of the circuits with the extensive use of colours.

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We also have an extensive high density distribution offer. Our innovative PTFIX distribution blocks quickly and easily distribute in the cabinet for you. Highly modular in their design, the combinations that you can define are literally endless. Din rail, screw fixing or even adhesive options help you optimise where they sit in the cabinet and allow you to maximise your available space. And the 11 colours available help you customise your solution to suit you.

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If you want to distribute larger conductors,  have a look at our potential collective terminals such as – PTU 35/4X6/6X2,5 – 3214080

I could go on. But I won’t. I’ve only scratched the surface with regard to our high density solutions. All I’d ask is that when space starts becoming an issue in your design, please think of Phoenix Contact and the many ways we’re looking to save you space.

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