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Written by Gary Nelson, Senior Product Manager- Device Connections

With product catalogues becoming a thing of the past the ability to find products online needs to be simple and effective, not a challenge. So is there an easy way to narrow your search?

We all know how difficult it can sometimes be to navigate a website using attributes to help define the product you are looking for. The results usually contain far too many parts making it almost impossible to find what you were originally looking for. The process can be simplified with images of the product ranges however that doesn’t help you determine how to search for the products on the website.  

As a world leading manufacturer, we are continually striving towards a digital first strategy to ensure you the customer have access to as much information as possible relating to our products online from our website. The information available to you is up to date, comprehensive and contains 3 dimensional downloads to aid you in your design process, amongst other useful documents.

To make the search for our products easier we have introduced web codes made up of a # sign followed by a 4-digit number combination. The web code takes you directly to a product family which reduces the number of products shown significantly enabling you to locate the actual part you need far quicker than using traditional search methods.

We have produced a product navigator which gives web codes for our printed circuit board (PCB) terminal blocks, PCB connectors, high current feed-thru terminal blocks, connectors for field devices and electronics enclosures. The navigator shows images of product families with a unique web code next to them which, when inputted in the search field on our website, will take you directly to the product range.

If you like the sound of making your searches easier then start by adding the following web code on our website and you’ll be taken to the page that has the product navigator e-paper on:-


We are continually striving to offer you excellence in service and our web codes are another step forward in easing your design process.

You’re welcome.

For more information contact Gary on gnelson@phoenixcontact.com or tel: 07780 483099



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