Protect your electronics- whatever the weather!

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Written by Gary Nelson, Senior Product Manager- Device Connections.

With temperatures rising and thunderclouds forming our weather systems create challenging environments for externally based electronic devices so how do you ensure they still function?

We all hear of global warming in the media almost daily and, whether you believe the hype or not, none of us can deny that our UK weather has a tendency to change dramatically very quickly. As people, we can change the layers of clothing we wear to compensate for temperature changes and it’s a worldwide commonly used myth that all British people carry an umbrella everywhere, so the constant rainfall doesn’t stop us going about our daily lives. All this is fine for us, albeit the umbrella reference really is a myth, however externally mounted electronic devices have no choice but to continue to function whatever the weather.

When housing an electronic device in an external environment, the weather is going to play a big part in choosing an enclosure that can withstand the changes in temperature and withstand ultraviolet radiation when the sun does actually shine. The location and access to the electronic device also needs to be taken into consideration as maintenance or upgrades may be required. When looking at where the product will be located, fixing points may be required to place the device on a wall or mount it on a pole.

At Phoenix Contact we have introduced an award winning (Electronics Industry Awards enclosure product of the year 2019) robust field housing for use in harsh operating conditions. The environmental case system (ECS) is the ideal solution for indoor and outdoor applications and offers high degrees of protection up to IP69K in accordance with ISO 20653.

It’s rated from -40 to +100 degrees centigrade, has optional internal ventilation using an integral pressure mounted membrane and is UV resistant. There are either snap-in or torque screw locking faceplates with built in protection points for securing with cable ties. The available faceplates blank, with 1 or 2 M12 housings or with a cable gland. Wall mounting points are integral to the enclosure and there is an optional pole mounting kit available.

The ECS also has printed circuit board (PCB) retention safety clips to prevent the PCB from falling out when the faceplate is disconnected from the enclosure, which is particularly beneficial when the unit’s location is accessed via a ladder, for example. The range has recently been extended and is now available in 2 sizes and colours of black or grey.

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