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Written by Gareth Chamberlain- Product Manager, Cyber Security & IT Automation

I have been surprised over the last few years on how a simple product whose technology has been around for the last 25+ years, can change an application and save so much time and cable costs.

Looking at the Smart Networks campaign we are running in the UK, I always thought that Cyber Security and Cloud based systems would be at the forefront of the demand, however, wireless technology is one of the most popular subjects I speak to customers about. There are so many different ways that wireless can be implemented that I am always amazed in what our customers can do with these products.

I would like to show you the top three wireless products and some of the ways they can be implemented.

FL WLAN 1100 / 2100

The WLAN 1100 is a dual frequency Wireless LAN device. This uses the same basic protocols as your home wireless router works, just without the router part. The product has the added benefit of not taking up any room inside your cabinet.

Customers are always amazed that you can use Profinet and Profisafe via wireless.

Applications are now rolling out without any hardwire connections to the machine network and are all connected via Wireless LAN, saving time and costs with cabling.


The FL BT EPA2 is a Bluetooth device that has huge popularity with point to point cable replacement and for wireless in welding environments.

This uses the same technology as the WLAN 1100 but uses the radio frequencies slightly differently. This is also a very popular solution for machinery with moving parts that need constant solid communication, for example slip rings.

Radioline 2.4Ghz or 868Mhz

Radioline is the unsung hero of Industrial wireless technology. This product allows you to send serial signals up to 15km depending on the terrain and type of attenuation. These are used in city traffic, water, access applications and so much more. The range of the technology gives great flexibility in the design and planning of your application and infrastructure.

If you have a need for wireless technology or you’re thinking of using it and not quite sure which technology would help you, please contact Gareth on gchamberlain@phoenixconact.com or tel 07946 757375



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