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Written by Gary Nelson, Senior Product Manager- Device Connections

When the weather is so challenging how do you ensure your outdoor electronic device remains protected?

It’s the most commonly discussed subject and the main ice breaker in conversations and yet it can cause significant issues when designing electronics based products to be used outdoors. If you are looking at protecting a printed circuit board (PCB) based electronic device, finding an enclosure to house your product can be even harder. The location and access to the unit needs to be taken into account for maintenance and you may need wall mounting  fixing points or to be able to mount it on a pole.

Control devices often need to operate in harsh ambient conditions and therefore the enclosure you choose needs to be able to meet the demands created by the environment they are situated within. They need to be durable, robust and offer reliable protection for your electronic device so getting the right product can be challenging.

The award winning (Electronics Industry Awards 2019 enclosure product of the year) robust field housings of the new Environmental Case System (ECS) range are an ideal solution for indoor and outdoor applications. The ECS range offers high degrees of protection up to IP69K in accordance with ISO 20653, is rated to -40 to +100 degrees centigrade and reliably protects against the effects of UV radiation.

You can choose optional ventilation, using an integral pressure mounted membrane, and have a choice of 4 different face plates with either snap-in or torque screw locking.  Integral wall mounting points are built into the enclosure and there is an optional pole mounting kit available. Printed circuit board (PCB) retention safety clips are available to help prevent the PCB from falling out when the faceplate is disconnected from the enclosure.

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