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Written by Andy Neat, Senior Product Manager – Marking & Identification and Toolfox

Morning and welcome to another blog from the world of marking & identification. First of all I hope you are all safe and well as we get closer to normal life.

Andy Neat- Senior Product Manager

As some of you readers may or may not know, I’ve been Product Manager for Marking & Identification since 2013 and it’s grown a lot since then- nearly 10x in turnover my rough calculations tell me! I don’t mean that to sound ‘braggy’, it’s just a good example of what a bit of product focus (or a tall, skinny guy talking a lot about it on LinkedIn) can do over time.

In that time Marking has grown more and more popular in the UK as the need for faster, easier marking solutions has grown with the demand for faster, leaner production times. With any application Marking is an integral product but it can be the one that takes most time to install. This is where we succeeded in helping customers and, of course, we are cost effective in the market too which has helped us grow year on year.

But now, in 2021, we are at a point where a tall guy from Telford talking on LinkedIn, ploughing through emails, and charging up and down the M6 wasn’t enough anymore. Basically, we needed help!

So after doing interviews on Microsoft Teams, training whilst staying 2 meters apart and no shaking hands, I’m pleased to introduce a brand new Marking & Identification team in the UK.

With myself staying as Product Manager, we have two new Sales Engineers covering the North and South of the UK. This move now allows Phoenix Contact UK to have a structured focus on service and support, as well as sales, of course. The two new team members are at hand to show our market leading marking systems and offer a helping hand at setup and support. All of which is backed up by myself, giving support to the team and customers further with tech-support and software training to keep Phoenix Contact’s Marking brand as slick as it is innovative.

Tom Knott- North UK

So going from North to South I introduce to you Tom Knott, M&I Sales Engineer North UK. Tom is an ex-electrician who also has a wealth of experience from working with both distribution and manufacturers and more importantly is a Leicester City fan! Tom covers postcodes from LE upwards to sunny Scotland.

Down south I introduce to you Andy Chappell, M&I Sales Engineer South UK. Andy has a degree in Motor Sport Engineering and has a wealth of experience working with distribution and selling marking systems, but more importantly is a Middlesbrough fan! Chappell covers postcodes from CV down to glorious Portsmouth…..(I’m a Portsmouth fan by the way).

Andy Chappell- South UK

So with the team complete, we’ve had a success first half of 2021 and plans for next half year and the years to come are looking exciting for M&I in the UK. Expect more special offers, improved service offerings, more new marking systems, exhibitions and, rumour has it, maybe even a Marking van!!

So if you need any help with your marking requirements in the UK we are here to help and are well equipped to serve you and offer a market leading product and now also a market leading service.

Thanks for reading, I’m off to see who’s got the most bragging rights out of Leicester, Boro and Pompey!

For more info, contact Andy on 07786 252414 or email



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