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Written by Andy Neat, Senior Product Manager- Marking & Identification and Toolfox

Welcome to my latest blog on all things marking and labelling!

When we talk about terminal marking, those little white rectangular pieces of plastic that clip in the top of terminals spring to mind. But what if your terminal isn’t mounted on a din rail, but on a PCB? Then we have a whole different portfolio for that to save to time and money!

Whether your label area is 2,8, 3,8, 5 or 10mm high we have labels to suit your PCB terminal block. Our adhesive markers can be purchased on a roll and be used in our Thermomark Roll or Rollmaster printers. From there, all you do is select the pitch on our software and type in (or import)  your terminal marking data. From here we have an accessory available for the Thermomark Roll and Rollmaster which will cut it all to size too. A huge, huge time saver!! see for yourself in this video.

If Thermomark Card is more of your kind of printer then we do have sheets of the terminal markers available too, all pre-cut and ready to install.

It doesn’t stop at PCB terminal marking though, we have plenty of solutions for labelling up all those small components that make a PCB what it is!

We have a range of adhesive labels for PCBs from high adhesive to high temperature to ESD and more. Sorry no prizes for guessing what ESD stands for (electrostatic discharge) but we do have labels specifically for ESD applications in a manner of different shapes and sizes.

What’s more, we have security labels to prevent tampering and labels for the opposite, removable labels for temporary marking known as RM labels.  Not forgetting that we have a huge range of wire marking too, but that’s for another blog!

Keep your eyes peeled for special offers on marking equipment for PCBs in the very near future. That’s all for now. Thanks for reading.

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