Let’s talk the torque!

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Written by Andy Neat, Product Manager- Marking & Identification and Industrial Cabinet Solutions

Good morning everyone! First and foremost, I hope you’re well and that your family and loved ones are too.

The last time I wrote a blog I could pop to Sainsbury’s without a queue or face mask among many other normal realities, such is the world we live in now.  Staggering how fast the world has changed…

The UK seems to be easing its way back to normal now with shops, bars & restaurants reopening their doors and with that a very healthy discount is being offered to those that do choose to venture out. Perhaps you’re slowly getting back to semi-normality by going back to work yourself and if you are (or even if you’re not) then we also have offers to help you out in the pocket if you wish to upgrade your toolbox!

So let’s talk the torque!…We have dropped the prices of selected tool kits of various styles to the tune of up to 55% off. If, like me, you’ve done some serious online shopping during lockdown then this offer might be up your street too.

Here’s a taster of the kits!

If you want to up your stripping and crimping game then these two kits will certainly do that. The Crimpfox Centrus & the Crimpfox DUO 10 both self adjust from 0.14mm upto 10mm giving you the perfect crimp….the DUO of course allowing you to rotate the head for top or side entry. Not to mention that they both come with the WIREFOX 10 stripper and a set of ferrules!   

Talking of ‘torque’, the torque screwdriver set is something that may find its way into my garage! Comprising of Bit screwdriver set with quick-action chuck-  17-part, 89 mm long slotted/crosshead (PZ and PH)/hex/Torx® bits all in a folding belt pouch, what’s not to love?

We have VDE screwdriver sets available….those screwdrivers look familiar!

Or how about the full monty!! This kit has it all and dare I say will only set you back £281!

That’s just a taste of the kits we have on offer at up to 55% off, and are so until the end of September. What better excuse to make a few nice editions to your toolbox?

Phoenix Contact tools are of the highest quality and are always a huge talking point when visiting engineers. As one of our customers said to me on site last year, “If you use quality tools, your quality of work improves, and therefore you have less callouts for repairs.”

Nicely put!

But let’s be honest, sometimes it’s just nice to treat yourself.

Visit our website to see the toolkits available in this promotion. Or contact Andy on aneat@phoenixcontact.com or tel: 07786 252414



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