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Written by Scott Mulholland, Product Manager- Industrial Components

In these uncertain times, now might be an opportunity to look at a different way of doing things.

As the world wakes up and global demand accelerates, many manufacturers are experiencing significant challenges in being able to meet customer’s expectations. It feels like the problems are coming from all angles, global supply chain disruption, raw material shortages, extreme weather disruption. The list goes on.  Phoenix Contact is no different to our peers in seeing the step change in demand. Where we do differ, however, certainly in our din rail terminal offer, is that even if we cannot offer your first choice terminal (e.g a 2,5 grey screw terminal), we very often can offer a near solution that will do the same job with no loss of effectiveness or reliability. We could, in place of the 2,5 grey screw terminal, offer, say, a 2,5 spring, push in or IDC (insulation displacement connection).

With this thought in mind, if you are experiencing difficulty in sourcing your favoured terminals, be it from Phoenix Contact or from one of our contemporaries, it could be on opportunity to look at our innovative PTV terminals. I use the word innovative because the PTV terminals are an amalgamation of our two most popular terminals. The trusty screw and the popular push-in series. The PTV boasts the best features of these two types, brought together into one terminal.

Push In Terminal Benefits    Screw terminal Benefits
Speed of termination Markers not obscured by wires
Same clamping force every time   Side entry of wires (straight out of ducting)
Vibration proof


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Also, the PTV is part of the established ‘Clipline Complete’ din rail terminal system from Phoenix Contact. This means that PTV series benefits from using the same universal set of accessories that fit all Clipline Complete terminals, whether they were introduced some time ago or whether they are brand new like PTV.

Using PTV in your panel not only makes sense in terms of speed, reliability and performance, an added benefit is that it looks good once installed!

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