IP (Ingress Protection) ratings explained

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Written by Scott Mulholland, Product Manager- Industrial Components

IP protection test IP65

IP protection test (IP65) for HEAVYCON EVO

In the new catalogues or in our online shop, you will see IP ratings for the different Phoenix Contact connectors:










Why does Phoenix Contact show different values for each product?

The reason we sometimes show more than one IP rating value for a product is because there are 3 different zones/levels that are possible to achieve with connector housings!

Ingress Protection Ratings

The first IP rating refers to the resistance to splashing water/heavy rain/ water jets. IP65 or IP66 are the relevant values for this zone.

The next (middle) IP rating is only shown when the connector housing is good enough to be located underwater (temporarily or permanently). IP67 or IP68 are the relevant values for this zone.

The final IP rating is possibly the harshest condition for Phoenix Contact connectors, and identifies the housings ability to resist high pressure, high temperature steam jets that are often used in the cleaning of industrial applications.Only metal housings are suitable for steam cleaning! IP69K is the relevant value for this zone.

Sometimes, in the market, manufacturers do not show 2 or 3 IP rating values for each product. Most just show the ‘highest’ value (IP68 or IP69K) because , often, they do not understand that each zone is actually a different  requirement.

So, to be 100% correct, Phoenix Contact has decided to show all relevant IP values for each connector.

Below is a  graphic that sets out which IP rating applies to which sort of test/environment.

IP Ratings

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