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Written by Gareth Chamberlain, Product Manager- Cyber Security & IT Automation

Many of you might be thinking “Wait, what?” Yes, a Smart Camera box! Then people have asked if Phoenix Contact is entering into the Security Industry? Well that’s a yes and a no.

Phoenix Contact had a lot of success in the Building Management System (BMS) industry. Where we have seen many great applications using many of our well known and trusted products. For example, our managed switches and fibre Splicing technologies. Also, with the rise of usage of PoE, customers have been trying to make their networks a lot more efficient.

These technologies are used in the CCTV industry circuit every day! The problem is that a lot of companies only use commercial IT equipment, where they might fail with cold temperatures or harsh environments. So, it makes sense for Phoenix Contact to combine our knowledge and our tried and tested products and make a solution to solve an age-old problem.

This product does not only solve the issue with products failing in harsh environments but also a problem with ordering many items to complete the same job as our one SKU. Also, because this is 1 product this will reduce installation times and improve the way a customer can quote on an installation.

So, what is the Smart Camera Box? It is a device that allows you to integrate your cameras easily with power supply, Managed PoE switch Fibre with the new 802.11bt standard with 90 watts of power per port and splicing and surge protection all in one IP67 box.

The box also comes with many other features such as an intrusion detection alarm if in the scenario the box is opened unexpectedly. Also, with a 24v DC tap so you can place other products like Wireless or anything that is DIN Rail and takes 24vDC.

If you would like more information or a demo of this product, please contact Gareth on 07946 757375 or email



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