Introducing Axioline Smart Elements

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Written by Tony Deane, Technical Manager

These days everyone wants more for less and as we all know, if the market demands something you must respond accordingly to stay ahead of the curve. Phoenix Contact have listened to the marketplace and launched an innovative, revolutionary and competitive I/O system to complement and enhance our AXIOLINE I/O range for the automation industry!

Introducing the AXIOLINE Smart Elements I/O range

With panel space, easy start-up and component costs being some of the major requirements of systems builders, the marketplace demands suppliers to react in order to help businesses maximise production and profits and minimise costs. Together with the system fieldbus options offered by the Axioline I/O system, Smart Elements is a definite game changer.

The Axioline Smart Element range is designed to combine with the comprehensive range of Axioline Fieldbus couplers and PLCs including the latest innovation in PLC systems, PLCnext Technology.

This innovative I/O range allows system builders and OEMs to rationalise on drawings, production times, inventory and costs regardless of the PLC being used for control. Options Include: Profinet, Profibus, Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP, Ethercat, Sercos, IEC 61850.

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And finally, Axioline Smart Elements is priced to give customers that competitive edge whilst delivering tangible, measurable advantages without compromising on quality.

If you haven’t already started using The Axioline I/O system, Axioline Smart Elements is one more reason why the time is right to give it a try.

Let’s face it, what have you got to lose?

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