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Written by Andy Maskell, Product Manager- I/O, Safety & Networks.

Inline EcoThe great thing about a competitive market place is the innovation it brings with it. Manufacturers are always developing new ideas and making them a reality. Of course these new ideas need to have something unique, they need to solve a problem, save time, money or both.

INLINE ECO is a range of I/O  that requires no configuration but covers all of the common functions required in machines and systems today. The simplicity reduces costs but also makes it quick and easy to use whilst also solving some common problems.

Using the principle of “One terminal, one function” no software or settings are required throughout the ECO range. All options are fully backward compatible with the Phoenix Contact Inline I/O system making this extremely flexible for new machines or retrofitting.

The Inline Eco range includes the following options:

  • Digital input /output
  • Analogue input/output (Fixed resolution-12 bit)
  • Temperature
  •  RS232/485
  •  Safety

Safe EcoInline SAFE 2-ECO

Functional Safety is a hot topic or a “hot potato” in some cases. The good news is it falls to us, the manufacturer, to come up with compliant innovations which make your life easier when it comes to implementing safety. The Inline ECO safety module offers a new way forward in distributed safety.

As mentioned, no software is required but variable logic can be achieved purely by where you position your safety modules in your I/O. ECO safety can be used as a stand alone safety relay in your I/O block or in conjunction with a number of other ECO safety modules.

The schematic below shows an example of two ECO Safety modules working together with the dedicated EF-ECO output modules to create a cascaded system. This means that the module to the left controls all modules to the right hand side of it. So if a safe input is activated in the left hand module all output modules to the right are switched off to the safe state. Simple!

Inline Eco Schematic

Using a segment power input module you can split your safety function in the same I/O block and create an independent safety function in the same I/O block.

  • Up to 7 ECO Safety modules and 10 EF-ECO output modules can be used in combination at any one time.
  • The ECO safety module accepts all common inputs such as Emergency stops, door switches and light grids.
  •  All status and error messages are forwarded to the standard controller
  • 6A contact rating
  • Single/Dual channel inputs
  • Man/Auto reset options
  • PL e – EN ISO 13849/SILCL 3 IEC 62061

See attached data sheet link or see our website for more details

Machine safety tips

1. Use SISTEMA to assist the validation of your machine, its free and can be used as part of your technical build file.  (Required by The Machinery Directive 2006/42/EU – Annex VII/BS EN ISO 13849-1)

2.  If you are having doubts about how to manage your safety application refer to the relevant standards or in some cases “C Standards”

These are standards that cover industry specific machines and their associated risks & hazards and include approved solutions and examples of how to implement them.

See attached list of current standards incorporated into the Official Journal of the European Union. Always check and reference the latest standards published.

(Page 12 onwards for C Standards)

Phoenix Contact continually develop new products and services with the user in mind. Here a just a few examples:

Why not try our safety app, it has been developed to enable a quick assessment of your machine safety needs using EN ISO 13849-1.

For more information, contact Andy on 07584 235440 or email



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