Good things come in small packages

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Written by Tony Deane, Technical Manager

This has never been more apt than when it comes to our new I/O system Smart Elements.

Today, more and more within the machine building industry, the push for system enclosure sizes to be kept to a minimum demands a compact footprint within the control cabinet. There is also the ever present drive to save time and money on builds. Axioline Smart Elementsrises to these challenges and delivers spectacularly!

Axioline Smart Elements meets these demands technically and ingeniously. It also delivers commercially with a competitive proposition. Push in technology facilitates a tool free installation environment. This is a great time saving measure. So in this case you really can say it is a “Win, Win, Win” situation!

Imagine up to 32 I/O in a 15mm wide slot or maybe an IO Link master and a fast counter in a 15mm wide slot or perhaps a 4 channel RTD module and Pulse Width Modulated output in  a 15mm slot. These combinations and permutations can be multiplied on a system and are all a reality with Axioline Smart Elements.

In the competitive world of machine building saving space, time and money in an environment of fine margins has got to be the way go to get that edge on competitors.  With Axioline Smart Elements this is guaranteed.

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