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Written by Tony Parrot, Business Development Manager- Machine Building

A new concept from Phoenix Contact is now the backbone of our customer offer. Simple in conception, but very far reaching in its consequences.  Complete Line is here to stay and is the comprehensive solution for your control cabinet.

As a manufacturer Phoenix Contact are taking component supply to another level with the focus being the current trends of efficiency and cost saving. COMPLETE line is a system comprising of technologically leading and coordinated hardware and software products, consulting services, and system solutions that help you optimise your processes within control cabinet manufacturing. Engineering, purchasing, installation, and operation become significantly easier for you. The core of this approach is:

  • Custom Made Solutions
  • Push In Technology
  • Digital Information and Documentation
  • Project Complete Software for Planning and Marking (FREE Rail design Software!)
  • Common Accessories
  • Professional Tools

Go to our new webpage to see and read more detail on this new way of approaching customised manufacturing solutions to enable your engineering processes and, ultimately, your cabinet solution, to succeed in a far more efficient way.

Over my years of working with customers (where I think I have been of use at times!) I have been able, together with the customer, look at the bigger picture of how and why products are bought and used. With solutions in mind (and some joined up thinking) the greatest successes have come when the deal has been clinched through a mutually beneficial solution. The most important factor in these successful solutions has always been the efficiency its brings and the simple, most valuable, benefit has been TIME SAVING.

In these current, challenging times with COVID 19, which is bringing many changes to many things, I am able to now say to our OEM customers the one thing I have always aspired to : “I can now sell you some time!”. The combination of the Complete Line approach and our Custom Made Solutions enables us to offer the tangible benefit of some real time savings.

Our Value-Add Department can offer our man-hours to you and provide quality, timely, and of course, bespoke assemblies straight to your production line. Done in a manner that will free up many areas within an OEM build process- to perhaps focus on more important or higher skill level tasks, vastly reducing time and cost internally.

At the bottom of the Custom-Made webpage we have an enquiry form as a way of contacting Phoenix Contact to put forward your request for a consultative approach to efficient control cabinet builds and it will certainly be the start of some positive dialogue between us.

There’s nothing to lose with this new approach, but plenty of time and cost to gain! So get in contact with the form or directly to me via the details below and buy yourself some time – you know it makes sense!

For more information, contact Tony on or tel: 07971 280498



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