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Written my Mark Lloyd, Senior Product Manager- Power Supplies & Surge Protection

The 1st Standard DIN RAIL power supply with 110 VDC output.

Up until now, the highest output we could achieve with one PSU was 56VDC using a 48DC power supply turned up to its maximum voltage. In order to achieve the higher voltages for which we are regularly asked, it was only possible with two wired in series. For example two series connected 48DC nominal power supplies individually “tweaked” up to 55DC.   

In the last few weeks we have not only added a 72DC output PSU in our TRIO range (contact me for details on this one) we now also have a din rail power supply with a nominal voltage of 110DC and ,with adjustment on the front, can actually supply up to 125VDC. I believe that this is the worlds first 110VDC output power supply for din rail mounting. At least I have not found anything else.

As a QUINT4, this new power supply has all of the features and advantages of the current range, let me just list some of them….

  • Most robust input (varistor plus GDT) immunity up to 6kV
  • Power reserves with a Static boost (125% up to 40oC) and Dynamic boost (150% for 5s)
  • SFB technology of up to 6 x nominal current for 15ms to reliably trip MCBs and fuses
  • 5 year warranty when used with a Phoenix Contact type 3 surge arrestor
  • High life expectancy of > 15 years
  • Most comprehensive signalling including analog and digital signal, relay contact and LED bar graph
  • Fulfills high EMC requirements making it possible to use in industries like railway, energy and process.
  • Fully configurable using NFC or can be ordered preconfigured as required

As you may expect from a Phoenix Contact QUINT4 power supply they can be connected in both series and in parallel.

As this diagram shows, series connection gives us a few possibilities including 220VDC or -220VDC as well as +/-110DC. Of course these could be slightly higher depending on what the  voltage setting is. This power supply can be adjusted between 110VDC and 135VDC.  

Schematic diagram for series operation

As mentioned, several of these PSUs can be connected in parallel to increase the output power. There is a diode on the output of the power supply, so it is not mandatory to use an external decoupling diode, but it is possible to use our QUINT4 48DC DIODE module as additional protection due to its integrated 150VDC Schottky diode. (Please contact us for details on how to connect).

So where do we see this power supply being used? The first is obviously to provide power to 110DC loads such as solenoid valves, servo drives, motors. One massive advantage is this power supply allows the switching on or off of 110DC loads using a remote contact rather than an external relay. It also has a high immunity to reverse feeding voltage up to 160DC so is suitable for powering servo drives, for example.

Because the power supply will accept a DC as well as an AC input, it makes it ideal for use as a DC/DC converter to refresh or generate 110DC buses, as well as decoupling and providing galvanic isolation of sensitive 110DC loads.

Lastly it can be used in the charging and support of 110VDC battery systems which are often found in sub stations.

For more information, contact Mark on 07717 335477 or email mlloyd@phoenixcontact.com



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