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Written by Nigel Dawbarn, Sales & Marketing Manager – Industry Management

I took on the responsibility for Phoenix Contact’s E-Mobility product range about a year ago, and wow! not a week goes by without several new enquiries from new contacts or new enquiries from existing customers.  The ideas and applications differ, making for very interesting discussions.

We had new products at the end of 2018 and they continue into 2019. We started with sockets and cables, progressing to AC , then DC charge controllers and now we will launch our new software package in April.

Most interest is in AC charge components as these will make up the majority of charge points installed- from 3.6KW home and office style, up to 22KW for more commercial installations (depends on your supply) and therefore offering faster charging.

AC charge points will be the majority installed for home and work place charging along with destination charge installations- for when you are shopping, staying in hotels or for a quick top-up at the gym.

Our new software package will provide load management for many charge points when the demand outstrips the supply, enabling you to make the most out of what you have – so everyone can get some power to charge their car.


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Our latest charge controller is the EV CC Professional. This is the DC charge controller for rapid charging which is used together with High Power Charging (HPC). By using liquid cooled cables capable of delivering  350KW, this charge power will enable vehicles to be charged extremely quickly, giving a range of 100km in 3-5 minutes.  Using the HPC cable, which is capable of up to 500A charge current, is very exciting as it will allow you to travel without any range anxiety.

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These DC charge points will be fitted at the “energy top-up stations” and motorway services and EV Charge Hubs that we will see popping up near motorways and outside cities and towns.

We will be exhibiting at Fully Charged Live in June at Silverstone –  we are looking forward to another great event and hope to see you there!

If you have any questions concerning the technology behind your charge point, contact Nigel on 07584 514958 or email ndawbarn@phoenixcontact.com



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