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Written by Nigel Dawbarn, Sales & Marketing Manager- Industry Management

Did you know that the UK has gone for more than 2 months without using coal power?  The reason for this is the development of renewable power installations throughout the UK of Wind and Solar and also hydro-power.

Boosting the uptake of solar through the next decade needs to form an essential part of the Government’s package of measures to deliver net zero as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Utility scale solar farm installations are being planned and approved by government, the option of roof-top solar is still a sensible one for many commercial buildings with the costs reducing year by year, but don’t leave yourself unprotected!

Here you can see an example of the result of an unprotected system:

Providing protection for rooftop systems against direct lightening strikes and surge voltages is done by installing string combiner boxes. We can offer an extensive portfolio of various ready-to-install, directly connectable string combiner boxes for your rooftop systems, which we know as PV-Sets.

Your advantages

  • All sets in dust- and water-jet-proof housings (IP65)
  • Fast installation thanks to the pre-assembly of the photovoltaic sets
  • Maximum degree of safety in case of maintenance or danger
  • Standard-compliant switchgear assembly, thanks to use of DIN EN 61439

Connections to the boxes are made by using either our SUNCLIX panel feed-throughs or with cable glands. The disconnecting and isolating functionality is achieved by offering both a fire department emergency shutdown and a load disconnecting switch as well as surge protection in a single device.

SCB for rooftop systems

You can also install an emergency stop switch, to disconnect the photovoltaic system remotely, therefore offering the greatest possible safety in case of maintenance or danger.

If you are involved in installing such systems, please do get in touch and we can easily select the right box solution for you. We just need to know a few key bits of information such as which inverter you plan to use, the number of strings and MPPT (maximum power point trackers) the connection type and if you need to isolate or include a fire switch.

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