Do you rely on traditional copper based connections?

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Written by Duncan Nicol, Sales & Marketing Manager- Device Connections

The new industrial world demands faster data transmissions in real-time with high stability so do you rely on traditional copper based connections or are there better solutions?

We all know copper based data connectors like RJ45s as they are proven technology that have been in use for a substantial length of time. Of course this means we are also all aware of some of the limitations of these products i.e. the limited distances data can be transferred using cables and of course the negative influences of EMI and EMC interferences. The products can be shielded to help limit the impact of these interferences however they will never be completely free of them which can be troublesome in industrial applications.

As the requirements of the internet of things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 mean higher speed real-time data communications are needed new data connections that ensure both reliability and longevity are critical. In order to overcome the limitations of traditional copper based data connectors more and more engineers are turning to fibre-optic based solutions.

The benefits of fibre-optics are well known to the telecommunication companies who are driving the consumer market towards this technology with promises of higher connection speeds and larger transfer rates using home routers. The industrial marketplace is mirroring this trend with the opportunity to transfer data reliably and safely over far greater distances without the concerns of EMI or EMC interferences using fibre-optic connections.

Phoenix Contact has an extensive range of fibre-optic products that covers both IP20 and IP67 applications using different fibres. The latest addition to the product portfolio is the FDX 20 series of Din rail mounting fibre-optic splice boxes which offer a number of technical features and benefits to the user. The ready to splice pre-assembled FDX 20 series significantly reduces assembly and installation times with its patented pigtail tray and is the most compact splice-box available on the market today.

The product offers continuously reliable data connections and the security of future-proof transmissions thanks to extensively tested components manufactured by Phoenix Contact who are known for their quality and innovative designs.

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