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Written by Duncan Nicol, Sales & Marketing Manager- Device Connections

During these unprecedented times, the DC team have been busy hand-picking products with specific applications in mind and we thought is was about time we shared our findings. So, here are a few applications you may be interested in and solutions from our 2020 highlights.

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Transportation covers a wide range of applications, but the big trends right now are remote control and data collection. The nature of these applications calls for tough robust and weatherproof solutions and the ECS Environment Case System is ideally suited to protecting your electronics in harsh environments.

New Energy & Utility is experiencing dramatic growth at present as the world wakes up to clear skies and clean air during these challenging times of lockdown. As the shift to renewable energy gathers pace, the requirements for device connectivity have increased significantly, as has the need for simple robust connectivity. The PRC Plastic Round Connector solution offer high degrees of IP protection in a compact power distribution system.

Industrial Automation is all about the data in this new IIoT connected world and with data brings the need to connect devices securely in noisy EMC unfriendly environments. The new RJ45 Industrial Jacks have been specifically designed to securely connect to our field wire-able 360 degree shielded RJ45 connectors, providing reliable point-to-point connectivity.

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Information Communication Technology and the IIoT have met head on and resulted in the need for robust board to board connectivity for a wide range of applications from embedded computers to industrial IO and controllers. Introducing the FINEPITCH connector series with shielded and unshielded solutions for board-to-board high speed connectivity.


Building Automation has been a growth area for many years but with more remote monitoring and control applications comes the need for compact connectivity and the SPTA angled PCB connectors offers just that. And to make life simpler, and more cost effective, they are THR reflow compatible so can be assembled on the same automated production line as all the surface mount components.

Process Automation often involves complex interactions between distributed systems. The control cabinet is central to these operations and often contains multiple power solutions. With space at a premium, the PC 6 BUS power connector could be the ideal solution and replace expensive and bulky busbars. Rated at 32 amps and up to 1000 volts the PC 6 could be just the solution for distributed power applications.

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