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Written by Fraser Cowie, Product Manager – Interface

The CONTACTRON CSS Speed Starter is Phoenix Contact’s new device class in the market of drive technology for asynchronous motors. In terms of functionality, this new class can be positioned between hybrid motor starters and today’s standard frequency converters. 

This compact and economical solution for achieving different speeds combines the characteristics of the Contactron hybrid motor starter with a variable speed drive and an intuitive operating concept. 

For simple applications that do not require continuous speed regulation the only solution, up to now, has been to use frequency converters, known as drives. The main disadvantages with drives are the high costs, complex operation, and, in many cases, the limited use of the devices’ full scope of functions.

Phoenix Contact has bridged this gap between modern hybrid motor starters and complex frequency converters with the Contactron Speed Starter (CSS).

What are the features and benefits of this range?

  • Cost-effective solution with all the functions necessary for different speeds, soft starting, and soft stopping
  • Quick installation and start-up with easy wiring and intuitive operating concept – just Connect, Set and Start
  • Suitable for starting and reversing three-phase asynchronous motors
  • In built motor overload protection
  • Single or three phase input options, with or without EMC filter
  • Safe two-channel shutdown up to SIL 3 in accordance with IEC 62061, thanks to integrated Safe Torque Off (STO) function
  • Space savings in the control cabinet due to the compact design, with an overall width starting at just 35 mm

So how is the Speed Starter set up?

It really could not be easier and can be done in under 2 minutes: simply Connect your motor, Set up the basic parameters and you are ready to Start!

For more information about the new Speed Starter contact Fraser on or tel: 07584 514963.

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The CSS Speed Starter is part of the Phoenix Contact Complete Line portfolio:

COMPLETE line – ‘The comprehensive solution for the control cabinet’

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