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Written by Andy Maskell, Product Manager- Safety, I/O and Networks

The new PSR-MM30 Safe Speed monitoring relay from Phoenix Contact forms part of the COMPLETE LINE system that offers intuitive installation and operation.

The PSR-MM30 monitors motion with either encoder or proximity sensor and is fully configurable using PSRmotion software. The software is free to download via the Phoenix Contact website.

PSRmotion allows the configuration of up to 3 speed set points (Over speed) and Zero speed monitoring and includes configuration for shaft break monitoring where required. Both linear and rotary applications are possible.

Typical uses:

  • where product needs to be fed into a system such as paper / cardboard production and a safe speed needs to be maintained to ensure operator safety
  • Ensuring safe speed or zero speed before entry into safety enclosures is enabled

If zero speed monitoring is all you need then the PSR-MM25 is the solution.

The PSR-MM25 comes in a 12.5mm wide housing and can monitor dangerous movement in your machine without the use of sensors. This is achieved by monitoring the residual voltage in the drive motor and can used with AC or DC motors and inverter drives.

Configuration is simple using push-button and LED indication on board the unit to select your speed/mV and time delay as required for your application. No software required!

For safe speed monitoring we really do have a COMPLETE solution!

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