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Written by Andy Maskell, Product Manager- Safety, I/O & Networks

Automation continues to develop at a very fast pace but the complexity can also increase and in turn the skills required to make it work. There is no sign this trend is slowing down but what we still see is the need for cost effective and easy to implement solutions that remove the need for software licences, complex programming and expensive hardware for smaller applications that still need to be automated.

PLC Logic applicationHere is one such solution:

A PLC Logic controller is connected via serial communications (Modbus RTU) to one of our new HMIs giving you complete control over your application in minutes. The software is not just easy to use, it is free to download from our website.

Using application example programs provided for both Visu+Express and Logic+ you will quickly learn how to navigate and configure to suit your application requirements.  Online tutorials for Logic+ can be found here.

The PLC Logic controller, as featured in previous blogs, is a small but powerful system that can be adapted for a wide range of applications. The new BTP range of HMI screens can also be used with third party controllers thanks to the long list of drivers available in Visu+Express.

Safety can also be visualised and monitored on the same screen via one of the many gateways available connected to the TRISAFE safety controller (as shown above). In this example Modbus TCP has been used to visualise guard doors and e-stop status.

HMI           Safety application

So you see, automation can be made easy…

Further support is available for specific applications via our website and of course you can just call us…

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