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Written by Andy Neat, Product Manager- Marking & Installation

Applications for lasers seem endless from medicine to measurement and communication to cutting….Buzz Lightyear had one on his suit and seem to remember Goldfinger shining one between James Bond’s legs in the 60’s! They’ve been around a long time too with Eintstein having an early part to play in developing the first laser and in fact did you know ‘Laser’ is an acronym of Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation?… (you’ll sleep better now you know that).

So where do we at Phoenix Contact fit into this? Well like Goldfinger, we use them to cut and burn stuff! And, to be more specific, mark stuff! We have a marking system called the Topmark NEO, and it’s a very good one too.

It’s a class 1 fibre laser etching system which can mark stainless steel, aluminium and multiple plastic labels in seconds! It can also cut custom shapes and labels out of transply ABS and Polyacrolite material with the biggest size being 180mm x 180mm. With the ability to laser etch onto multiple materials it goes without saying that the Topmark NEO is perfect for most applications from panel building to machine building, plant marking and even food & beverage and offshore applications.

It doesn’t stop there either. If you’re used to our old faithful UCT and UC cards for terminal and cable marking, then guess what? It can laser etch those cards and stack them for you too! It genuinely is the complete marking system!

And of course it’s all driven by our Project Complete software to mark directly to the Topmark or to export onto USB stick and import onto the Topmark itself, eliminating the need to use a PC all the time.

But the best bit is we now have a Topmark NEO in our UK office to demonstrate. You can book to come and have a play with it yourself where we can treat you to a biscuit or doughnut or two 😉 and who knows, we may even be allowed some of ‘Becky from Marketing’s’ special coffee! 

For info on the Topmark NEO click here and to book to see the Topmark NEO click here.

Thanks for reading and I hopefully look forward to talking lasers with you soon!

Now excuse me whilst I catch up on what happens to that laser between James Bond’s legs…

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