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Written by Gareth Chamberlain, Product Manager- Cyber Security & IT Automation

Hello again! This time instead of talking about discontinuations I’ve got some great news about new products. Looking to further strengthen our Ethernet switch offering, we produced a range of IP67 switches. They are the FL SWITCH 2600/2700 and they really extend what we can offer to you as a package.

The switches are produced using the FL SWITCH 2000 firmware, it is a tried and tested firmware with application successes across the country and around the globe. The housing is a zinc die cast wall mountable design making it rugged and impact resistant in heavy work areas. It can be connected using traditional M12 connections or Phoenix Contact’s M12 Push/Pull connectors. Power connections can be daisy chained to another switch reducing the need for a 24v PSU on each device and making your network more flexible.

The IP67 switches are fully managed devices; this gives you the ability to manage the traffic from within the network and gives you more diagnostics than an unmanaged version can provide.

Phoenix Contact prides itself with being a vendor independent manufacturer. We give the ability to integrate our switches within your programming environment with a GDSML/EDS file, making it visible within TIA Portal or Studio 5000.

The FL SWITCH 2000 Family is now fully able to address almost everything that an application can throw at it and still provide a solution.

If you are interested in having a closer look, check out the 3D rendering of the FL SWITCH 2700 using the following link: https://webview.scanblue.cloud/x8qtw67ifftwuemc8ob6mld351fuq580

If you have any questions, contact Gareth on gchamberlain@ph oenixcontact.com  or tel: 07946 757375                                                                    



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