A new exciting world of EV Infrastructure

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The adverts on TV for full EVs and Hybrids are becoming more widespread- even oil and gas companies have been adverting their clean fuel and EV charging services on prime time TV !

My view on this massive change? I believe it is the same as the change that packaging industry is currently experiencing. The automobile industry and the associated infrastructure needs to make changes for our future on this planet, so we don’t pollute the seas and the air we breathe.

So why am I talking about the planet ?  My last blog was dedicated to renewables- solar– this one is e-mobility. We have been involved in this industry for approximately 10 years and some would say that Phoenix Contact is all about connectors- yes, that’s where we started in the infrastructure of EV charging but we have now developed a full product range and we are, as I see it, the technology behind the charge point.

I have joined the new world of hybrid cars recently and plugged into the charge point at one of my favourite pubs (at the weekend) and was pleased to find I had plugged into a Phoenix Contact socket !

Phoenix Contact continues to develop the range, and during 2020 we will launch new sockets, connectors and controllers which will help support the infrastructure you will need to power your hybrid or full EV in the coming years.

One aspect of this industry which is particularly exciting for me is the different ideas that our customers develop to solve the requirements we will all have in the coming years such as:

  • not having a driveway – leads to the need for on-street charging
  • taxis need to charge during the day – leads to inductive charging for taxi rank parking
  • the need to travel the length of the country – leads to high power charging.

Phoenix Contact has products and solutions to help – please get in touch for further information. Email: ndawbarn@phoenixcontact.com or tel: 07584 514958



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