A new era for Industry Management and Automation at Phoenix Contact UK

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Written by Tony Deane, Sales and Marketing Manager- Industry Management and Automation

My new role at Phoenix Contact UK has set me many new challenges and objectives, both engineering and commercial. 

In Industry Management, it is putting a team together an Industry Management structure for

In the realm of Automation, it is maintaining a solid product management team and technical support structure in the following disciplines

Another challenge facing me is to bring to the attention of the UK Automation community what is going to be asked of Project Engineers at OEMs and Integrators in the new digital age, as End Users demand data from production assets via Rest API, MQTT, IIOT and Edge computing as a standard feature. 

The fact is that, generally, young software engineers are no longer taught IEC 61131-3 in technical colleges. This new generation of engineers are using C++, C#, Phython etc, but have to work alongside the established programmers on projects who are still using IEC61131-3. 

This could be problematic! 

PLCnext Technology solves this issue by allowing programs written in different languages to run within the same task, therefore allowing the new generation of engineers to collaborate seamlessly with established engineers.

Our mission is to ensure that Phoenix Contact UK are ready to provide the products and solutions for the age of Digitalisation.

As Head of Industry Management and Automation at Phoenix Contact UK I am always on the look out for the right person who can help me push this message out to the automation community. Is that you…..?

For more information, contact Tony on tdeane@phoenixcontact.com or tel: 07824 437393



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