A merry DC Christmas!

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Written by Chantelle Lane, Product Manager- Device Connections

Welcome to the last DC blog of 2021.

As this is my first ever blog I’d like to use this time to give you all a brief introduction of myself – although many of you may know me already, albeit maybe only via phone or email! My name is Chantelle Lane and I’ve been with Phoenix Contact for 11 years. I’ve had numerous job roles within the company, starting as an apprentice processing orders at the beginning of 2011 and became part of the DC team in 2015 as internal technical support and customer services, looking after all of the DC customers from an internal point of view and the external sales team – who need more looking after than our customers!

At the beginning of this year, I became a Sales Engineer for the DC Central region. Unfortunately, due to Covid and timings of my vaccinations, I didn’t have chance to visit any customers before changing job roles again.

As of October I became Product Manager, looking after the FDC and DCS portfolios (data connectors, enclosures and circular connectors). I’m really enjoying this new role and its challenges – such as writing a blog! I’ve still not visited any customers but I did get to experience my first exhibition and have some visits planned for the new year with more to come, I hope! I’m really looking forward to visiting new places and meeting new people.

I’m naturally very creative, I enjoy everything from knitting to drawing and painting, tattooing and upcycling, and everything in between. If it can be made, I’m going to make it! Sooo, as it’s Christmas, and I am part of the DC team, I’d like to share with you my miniature DC Christmas tree! Decorated with samples I’ve hoarded over the years (everything can have a use!)

That’s all from me for now, we have lots of new and exciting products coming in 2022, all of us in the DC team look forward to sharing with you all throughout the next year.

Get in contact with Chantelle and say hi! tel: 07971 280501 or email clane@phoenixcontact.com



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