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Written by Mark Lloyd, Senior Product Manager- Power Suppies and Surge Protection

This is a first for Phoenix Contact…our offering in the field of power supplies up until today is single, 2 or 3 phase AC to low voltage DC, or DC to DC. As far as I am aware, this is our first product that converts low voltage DC to a pure mains sine wave.

So, why is this device different from many of the lower cost DC to AC inverters that are on the market? Quite simply its design is based upon the already established QUINT4 UPS and is electrically and mechanically robust, so suitable for industrial applications. Additionally, the vast majority on the market are usually either chassis mount or rack mount format. As far as I am aware this is the first Din Rail mountable inverter on the market.

The QUINT4 Inverter has an output of 600VA/480W including a permanent reserve of 105%. The Inverter has an integrated USB interface for connection to industrial PCs allowing configuration and monitoring of the state of the system.  In the future the product range will be expanded to include other networkable options such as Ethernet IP & Modbus TCP.

Because the inverter has been designed for the industrial market, it can be switched in parallel. With the parallel connection of devices, it is possible to increase the operational safety of systems in the event of power supply failure in redundancy mode or double or triple the power on the output side up to a maximum of 1800VA (1440W).

Finally, in 3AC mode, the connection of three devices in parallel makes it possible to create a three-phase grid. The three devices communicate with each other in real time and synchronise the 120° phase shift. This means that AC drives can also be operated.

To summarise, the QUINT4 Inverter has 4 modes of operation

  • Standalone
  • Power mode, where up to 3 devices can be used in parallel to increase the output up to 1800VA/1440W
  • Redundancy, where 2 devices are used in parallel to provide load sharing up to the maximum of 600VA/480W
  • 3AC mode, where 3 devices are used to provide a 3 phase system.

For more information contact Mark on 07717 335477 or email mlloyd@phoenixcontact.com



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