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(Written by Roger Powell)

In the Modern age of Automation, everything needs to communicate in some way or another. When we say, “We make Ethernet easy”, we are talking about controlling the complexity of the high-performance Ethernet networks. As such, we have consistently designed our products with the knowledge, the tools and the skills of the user in mind, the automation specialist.

Automation Switches for the Production Network

Highly productive and efficient production requires well structured, high -performance, and robust network infrastructure. The ideal concept and the right components protect your system against automation system failures and costly downtimes. With switches from Phoenix Contact you can easily implement the high requirements of your production network with forward planning. As well as the appropriate products, we also offer you support in planning your production network optimally.

Communication in automation networks differs from communication in company networks in several aspects. The switches must be tailored accordingly to the special requirements of the automation protocols such as Profinet and Ethernet/IP.

Automation switches combine IT functions with managed and realtime properties which optimally support these protocols. All necessary default settings and combined in user- friendly application profiles. Optimally, the switches can be easily configured and diagnosed from the controllers engineering tools.

Keeping Automation Specialists in mind

All too often industrial networks need to be managed by C&I engineers or technicians that do not necessarily have formal network training. Rather than using multiple networks, the pipe or bandwidth can be divided securely for many systems. Reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Our products include unmanaged, layer 2 and layer 3 switches. It is with this in mind that Phoenix Contact has created it’s easy to use configuration interface. The interface will allow the advanced users to use command line interface or less advanced users a graphic interface with dropdown menus.

Our communications devices allow for redundant topography, with network recovery in milliseconds. Device Level Ring (DLR) is an open protocol with ultrafast recovery. Products like VSD’s, cameras and PLC’s use broadcasting which reduces the available bandwidth. To increase the network efficiency, traps(IGMP) are used to reduce the broadcast.

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