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(written by Kevin Mann)

I have been focussing on Marking and the relevant printers as the mainstay of my division since blog one. However, the Marking Company consists of 3 subdivisions: Marking, Tools and Installation.

Arguably, from an on-the-job artisan point, tools have to be one of the more exciting products. Traditionally, these “boy-toy” products have gone through some major improvements and ergonomic upgrades over the past few years. Phoenix Contact has played more than its part in the development of innovative new products as well as improvement of existing hand held tools. This has undoubtedly led to tools that are easier on the hand, stronger and in many cases lighter.

Personally, and having 18 years of experience in the harshest of environments (from the deepest mines in the world to cement and glass factories), next to safety, is the quality of the work you do. Coupled to this it is quite obvious that the tools you use would make a huge difference.  Phoenix Contact is fast becoming renowned for tools that not only meet the highest international standards (IEC/DIN/UL where appropriate) but in-house testing in Germany often takes our tools to an even higher level.

Let’s take a look at some of our Tools:

CUTFOX-S VDE- Side cutters, tested to 1000V, comfortably slices through steel rope then effortlessly chops off that length of finely stranded cab-tyre.



CRIMPFOX CENTRUS is UL 486 and DIN 46228-1 approved when using Phoenix Contact ferrules, no adjustment is required from crimping a .25mm2 to a 10mm2 ferrule.




WIREFOX 2,5 is a fantastic wire stripper that just works without adjustment up to 2.5mm2


Trunking cutter – CUTFOX-CD

Of the many innovative items in our hand tool catalogue the very simple CUTFOX-CD is such a device. This single paired device looks like a modified pair of scissors designed to be used in some strange archaic right-of-passage ceremony. If using the ye-old hacksaw and file is synonymous with the ancient medical procedure of bleeding a patient as a cure for the plague, then the CUTFOX-CD can be likened to swallowing a few pills to do the same.


Slicing at a 45or 90angle through trunking and the trinking cover is Simply Easy with no after work required.





Panel builders often purchase the large and expensive bench mounted trunking cutter to cut large quantities of trunking. While, this is an acceptable solution for large scale production, the CUTFOX-CD allows for on-site panel modification and panel building at a fraction of the price.

Battery-powered screwdriver set – SF-ASD 16 SET

You can set the ultimate cordless powered screwdriver in a straight or angled position, even in confined spaces. The 16 stage torque setting makes the tool suitable for variable and diverse screwing applications in the range of 0.2 to 4.0Nm – comfortable, well-balanced and reliable. Item number 1200295

Ratchet set – SF-SOCKET SET 47

When you purchase the SF-ASD 16, go all the way. Perfectly compatible is the SF-SOCKET SET 47, this set is not only ideal as an add-on but also as a quality stand-alone system. The perfect Christmas gift for daddy or Uncle Joe.


This has got to be one of the most useful multipurpose screwdrivers sets I have ever had the pleasure of using. Fits into your pocket almost like a cell-phone. The quick action chuck makes it just so Simply Easy to quickly change from a selection of 16 bits.











And to end off this month’s M&I blog with these rock bottom prices, our special offer that gives you a free Thermofox Box set has been extended to the end of November 2018.








Should you want more information or a demo on any of our printers, please feel free to contact me on kevinm@phoenixcontact.co.za.

Kevin Mann




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