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Does anyone old enough remember the snow of 1981 in Johannesburg. That happened in the month of September. I was in my second year of high school and we had an exchange student over from Australia. South Africa was the last place she expected to experience snow!
Well, summer is on its way and we’re already touching midday highs of 28C, but be warned – it may yet snow! A few weeks ago I thought it was going to snow when the Boss gave the go-ahead to radically reduce the pricing of our THERMOFOX hand held printer, DIN rail and trunking. Three cheers for Dereck !!!

THERMOFOX hand held Printer

Portable hand held printers have become synonymous with the quick and neat lable for the occassional office file, workshop cupboard or the kids lunch box. The “FOX” breezes through this, simply easily, but…

It’s far more than just a hand held

The THERMOFOX Printing Set (0803986) offers you far more. Perfect as a hand held unit for smaller panel projects and finishing off jobs, this unit is the ideal compliment to the marking range of Phoenix Contact printers.

For bigger projects, the compatibility of the THERMOFOX with our popular printer suite, Clip Project (via USB), makes marking even easier. Anything for terminals, wires, cables and equipment can be quickly and professionally marked from your PC. In addition, the huge range of available material makes it possible to use a variation of commonly stocked carriers, including PATG sleeves, KMK cable carriers and EML push button carriers. Heat shrink printing up to 9.4mm is also possible.

The built in cutter allows for the user to freely determine the length of any material while the printer auto detects and adjusts for the type and width of the desired material cartridge. For example; if you were previousy printing using a 4.8mm heatshrink cartridge and you replace the cartridge with an adhesive 24mm polyester cartridge, the printer will automatically adjust your font size to match broader material. Text can be manually adjusted to allow for more lines of text per length of material.

A Lithium Ion battery allows for long periods of use without recharging. If it does happen that the battery goes flat in the middle of nowhere, simply pop in 6 x AA batteries and the printer will allow you to continue where you left off. Charging is as simple as plugging in the AC adaptor.

The THERMOFOX Set (0803986) includes:

  • The THERMOFOX Printer
  • 2 x 18 MM Material cartridges
  • AC Charging adaptor with four plug top types
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Tough plastic carrier case

Optional extras:

  • Magnet for temporarily securing the unit while in use (0805008)
  • Padded Carrier bag for transportation of your printer even into demanding environments (0805003)
  • Charging bay allows for the charging of a battery while the printer is unavailable (0805012)
  • Belt clip allows for hands free convenience (0805004)

The Phoenix Contact THERMOFOX hand held printer is an absolute gem that combines price, quality, versatility and ease of use together into one convenient package. So weather you are running a one-man-show that needs to quickly mark a file or an artisan that needs to mark some cables at the top of Silo 3 – the THERMOFOX is the answer.

I am so confident that this printer will not disappoint that I’ll throw in a THERMOFOX Set with every THERMOMARK Prime or BlueMark ID purchased until the end of October.

Should you want more information or a demo on any of our printers, please feel free to contact me on

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