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(Written by Tony Rayner)

The QUINT LOW POWER range, fondly known as the “QUINNIE“, provides superior system availability in a compact range of power supplies up to 100W. Preventative function monitoring, static and dynamic boost are all standard features in this new range. These 24VDC output units are available in low current options of 1.3A, 2.5A and 3.8A. Featuring a choice of either Screw type connection or Push In connection.

The QUINNIE Features:

Preventative Function Monitoring – Incorporating LED indication and an adjustable digital output this provides an early warning for system-specific, critical operating states before faults occur.

Extended Lifespan – Due to a high efficiency rate of 93% there is low power loss and in turn, less heat generation.

Small Footprint – The slim and flat design with a depth of 90 mm makes these devices especially space-saving, even enabling them to fit in smaller control boxes.

Dynamic Boost with up to 200% of nominal power for 5 seconds – which offers the option of reliably supplying heavy loads without interrupting the output voltage.

Static Boost which continuously provides 125% of nominal power – this offers the facility to extend a system by 25% without having to switch to a more powerful power supply.

With the new QUINT LOW POWER power supplies, Phoenix Contact is offering a combination of preventive function monitoring and powerful reserve at a minimum size for the first time. The high-performance power supplies of the QUINT POWER range ensures the highest level of functionality for superior system availability – now at powers below 100 W.

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Tony Rayner




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