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(Written by Tony Rayner)

Interest continues to grow in having HIGH SYSTEM AVAILABILITY in all facets of industry. There is, therefore, a firm focus on supply reliability. To achieve this, a reliable uninterruptible power supply is required, with an operating state that can be viewed at all times from any location. Therefore, convenient integration into a variety of networks is particularly important for remote diagnostics and scheduled system maintenance. Also important are powerful output criteria, compact design and a controlled system shutdown. All this is achieved with the NEW QUINT 4 UPS Range.

So What makes this QUINT 4 UPS range Unique?

IQ Technology – Intelligent battery management system (BMS) which indicates the remaining buffer time of the battery as well as the life expectancy of the battery.

Integrated interfaces – A full range of products may be ordered with USB, Profinet, Ethernet/IPTM or EtherCatR or just signal contacts which enables the system to be monitored, parameterized or shut down in a safe state using standard protocols.

Battery Start – The UPS may be started without mains supply.

A powerful battery charger – means that the system (battery recovery) is fast and enables long buffer times thanks to the large battery capacities that may be selected.

Robust design – in a narrow metal housing e.g. a 40A device is just 47mm wide.

SFB Technology – Selectively trips standard circuit breakers; loads connected in parallel continue to function.

Dynamic Boost – with up to 200% of nominal power for 5 seconds, which offers the option of reliably supplying heavy loads such as the starting up of motors or actuators without interrupting the output voltage.

Static Boost – which continuously provides 125% of nominal power. This offers the facility to extend a system by 25% without having to switch to a more powerful power supply.

Device Startup – at -40oC ensures reliable operation under extreme ambient conditions.

Automatic Battery Detection

The QUINT 4 DC UPS automatically identifies the connected energy storage system. Based on the battery technology or size, and the ambient conditions, the UPS automatically selects the optimal charging characteristic, significantly extending the battery service life.

The QUINT 4 UPS’s are available in 5A,10A 20A and 40A modules for all of the network protocols. Their flexibility allows easy integration into existing networks.

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