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Do you want to transmit various media over a single interface or quickly connect cables to power distributors? Phoenix Contact offers the right solution: contact inserts with a wide range of connection technologies for transmitting data, signals, and power.

HEAVYCON Highly compact interface

HEAVYCON modular enables you to assemble your space-saving connectors in a customizable way. We offer modules for currents of up to 200 A, voltages of up to 2500 V, signal transmission of up to 25 positions and module carrier frames are available for 2 to 6 single modules.

In a production plant or process plant, machines are interconnected using industrial plug-in connectors. These connectors have to be reliable and flexible enough to accommodate future modifications and expansions. The Phoenix Contact product range offers over 50 contact inserts for signal, power & data transmission. (including RJ45, Gigabit to fiber optics and for pneumatic applications.)

Simply snap it in

The innovative snap-in frame with sturdy catch springs enables quick mounting. The snap-in frame fits in all housings from the HEAVYCON STANDARD, EVO, and ADVANCE series.

An added benefit of our frame is that you can actually remove and insert modules whilst they are in the connector base and can even be moved/replaced whilst in the panel!

You can Save up to 40% of the installation time: with the five-pin power modules with push-in connection technology. To ensure a simple and fast installation just insert the wire (fitted with ferrule) directly into the contact chamber.

For secure data transmission, The RJ45 data modules for patch cables and RJ adapters come with QUICKCON technology. Our quick connection technology is also available with Pre-assembled fiber optic cables with SC and LC contacts and can also be installed in the matching fiber optic modules.

Configurator-3D heavy-duty connectors




Use our online configurator to quickly and easily configure your heavy-duty connector. Drag-and-drop functions, as well as a 3D preview and download function make selection easier. The product list can be exported, e-mailed or ordered directly.

You can find further information on our website by typing the following web code into the search bar #0516

For more information, you are welcome to contact Richard Schoonebeek on rschoonebeek@phoenixcontact.co.za.

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