Small, but powerful: Discover the new 1kVA QUINT4 AC UPS

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Written by Mark Lloyd

I have been working with AC UPS systems from a few VA up to a few hundred kilowatts for a number of years now. What that experience has taught me, is that including a UPS in a system design is very often an afterthought. In smaller systems such as a typical ICA panel, where only a few kVA is required, space is often at a premium. Therefore, trying to fit a UPS in post design can be tricky.


What generally happens is that a standard off the shelf, commercial UPS is placed in the bottom of the panel.  This firstly does not look very good and secondly is not a very industrial solution.

Phoenix Contact power supplies and UPS are designed for use within industrial control cabinets. Thus far we only manufacture din rail solutions, although I’m here to tell you; that may not always be the case.


The latest addition to our AC UPS line up is a 1kVA UPS in the well-known QUINT family. In terms of the size of the unit, the image doesn’t really do it justice, but to give you an idea, think of a standard shoe box, well it is slightly smaller than that.

A true Online UPS, with 1kVA/900W of power (that can be doubled up to 1800W), it is one of the smallest UPS available in its class, and it is DIN rail mountable so it looks professional too. There is also no need to Up to 12AH even the batteries are DIN rail mountable.


If monitoring and preventive maintenance is required then we have the answer for that too.  This product and all QUINT UPS can be connected via to a free software called UPS Conf.  This software allows monitoring of the status of connected Phoenix Contact batteries giving information on such things as lifetime and battery runtime.

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