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Written by Tony Parrott


Finally a ‘ the silver surfer’ has been given the opportunity to write a blagg blogg and put forward a different perspective on what is changing within Phoenix Contact UK.

So by way of introduction I promise not to talk about components and eulogise about data rates, flashing LED’s and limitless features that potentially excite us Engineers.

My name is Tony Parrott and I have been with Phoenix Contact 5 years and since August 2017 my role within Phoenix Contact has had the new catchy title of Business Development Manager – Machine Building. Why have we done this and what does it mean to you in the competitive world of manufacturing?

Well apart from giving me a title that now fills my business card, it is a positive move in the outlook of Phoenix Contact. This means our philosophy as a manufacturer of ICE Components (Industrial Components & Electronics) is changing in these times of rapid advancements in so many areas.

Uh oh a bit of waffle there so a quick quiz! Who knows Phoenix Contact for ‘little green monday_blog_1connector and cables?’

The second question is who knows that as far as a control panel and systems is concerned Phoenix Contact can provide everything from DIN Rail, Relays, Power Supplies, Safety Components, I/O, PLC’s up to Industrial PC’s?

The usual answers are, ‘Yes’ to lovely green connectors… followed by, ‘Wow I didn’t know you did all that.’

So this means we know we are good and established at selling components but the next step change in this modern engineering and manufacturing climate is for us to make sure you know we can offer 10’s of 1000’s of products in a problem solving way. We want to be your partner in solving issues with machine build, performance and quality. Our outlook is much more how we work with you on your applications so you gain a competitive advantage with the machines you take to market.

We have an agenda and it revolves around key core subjects namely:-

  • Safety on Machines
  • Avoiding Expensive Downtimes on Machines
  • Worldwide Remote access to Machines
  • Energy Consumption
  • Panel Configuration and Marking
  • Fast Installation and Reduction of Parts
  • Modularity (Plug and Play)
  • Worldwide Service and Support

If none of the above is of any interest to you in your day to day work or not a key objective for improvement on your product then my typing and studious use of the spell checker has been to no avail!

I would be surprised if you have read this far and none of what was included in the above list is  not of interest. All of us at Phoenix Contact UK have a lot of work to do to raise our game to a level whereby we can be your accepted partner for application, solution and problem solving but we are well on our way. We have machine building clients who we work closely with and learn together whilst we strive for improvement

s and we are ready to help you also.

If you are interested in learning more we have a page on our website for Machine Building

or get in touch with me via

Tony Parrott

07971 280498



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