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Written by Scott Mullholland, Product Manager – Industrial Components

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Most of us reach for the tried and tested zip tie to manage our cables. Why wouldn’t we? They’re cheap, easy to use and can generally be found lying around most work-shop benches. There is no special training required and quite a hefty bunch of conductors can be quickly brought into line.

The maxim ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ springs to mind.

Here at Phoenix Contact, we recognise that re-inventing the wheel is not a particularly attractive or sustainable business approach.

That being said, we also recognise that in a lot of instances, a fistful of zip ties or a hastily sourced piece of flexible conduit might not be the most effective approach to taking your conductors to the control cabinet door.

If the cabinet door has a very busy frontage populated with various buttons, meters, LCD panels , sockets, HMI etc. It may pay you to take a more structured approach to how you organise and manage your cables. We can forget the importance of cable management certainly in safety critical applications, environments and sectors where the process is paramount to maintaining continuous production, protecting the integrity of your connections. Realistically, by managing the cables/conductors that service those connections, makes a great deal of sense.

Our Cable Guidance System (CGS) offers you the capability to do all of the above.

The benefits of which are probably best illustrated in this short video clip.

The CGS comes in two basic formats. The first uses a thread through approach to managing your cables i.e. you literally feed (or thread) through your conductors, once this is done, the cables are effectively managed from there on in, and will be protected from adverse strain on opening and closing the cabinet door. This is the CGS 50.

The other option is the grey/orange version (CGSA 50). The general rule on Phoenix products is that if it is orange, it either moves or actuates something. In this case, the orange articulated joints can be moved to the ‘open’ position (please refer to video) to enable you to add or remove cables very quickly and very easily, thus ‘future-proofing’ your installation.


Finally, further protection (and to neaten up the process) can be added by choosing the clip on cover CGS-AH 50

Main features

  • Cable entry opening: 42 mm
  • Number of cables at 1.5 mm²: maximum 100 pieces
  • Opening angle of the control cabinet door: maximum 180°
  • Insulation material: PC
  • Flammability rating in accordance with UL 94: V0

For more information on the CGS or to arrange a sample, please contact your local Phoenix sales engineer

Scott Mullholland

Product Manager – Industrial Components
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