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Many people recognise Phoenix Contact solely as a manufacturer of terminal blocks for electrical cabinets, but not everyone knows that we actually have more than 60,000 products in our portfolio. Even though we do have a wide range of terminals to cover all your needs in control cabinet building, we also have a huge variety of other products aimed to help you in all areas of industrial cabinet connectivity and electronics.

In this post, we shed light on another significant part of our product list – Marking Systems and Labelling. Whether you need to label terminal blocks, relays and power supplies inside the cabinet, or you need to put a label on all the conductors that connect all these devices – Phoenix Contact has something to offer you.

To simplify the selection of the right printer for your application, let’s divide our printing machines into two groups – one would have printing media supplied in a card format so that each label could have its own mounting foot (like the ones for terminal blocks for a central marking groove or clip-on conductor markers that can be clipped onto pre-wired conductors and cables); and another with labels supplied in a roll format – these would be more flexible heatshrink labels for cables, wrap-around labels, wire markers for cable sleeves and others. Having different devices for thicker PA cards and thinner Polyolefine or Polyester rolls saves not only your time on adapting a printer which can handle both types to process terminal marking after wire marking, but also ink ribbon that you have to cut every time you want to change the type of the labels.


  1. Terminal label for a central marking groove


2.  Snap-on and clip-on wire marking

In both groups we have stationary devices and mobile devices which have batteries on board allowing you to print required labels right in front of your cabinet on site.


All of these printers use a proven thermal-transfer printing technology, meaning you won’t have to spend a fortune on consumables or spare parts for your printer in future. Given our ink ribbons for stationary devices are 300m long, you are able to print more than 19000 labels without changing it!*

To see what these printers are capable of, give one of our Sales Engineers a call and they can give you a hands-on demonstration of the unit.

Thermofox is now on SPECIALS. Get it for as low as $125 (supplied in a blister package without accessories)!

*if using UCT-TM5 cards

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