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Digital transformation is no longer a challenge for the employees of today, as they are quick enough in adapting to these changes. This in turn makes it necessary for employers like us to be more up to date with technology in order to stay relevant. 

In this highly competitive digital business environment, it is crucial to stay competitive and marketable. We need to make sure that we are continuously improving and evaluating ourselves regularly. One of the key factors involved is to attract and hire the right personnel.

Perception is everything – getting the right perception about the organization across, to the people that matter most (the jobseeker), is a necessary first step to attract and ultimately hire the most qualified candidates in today’s competitive market.  

That is why we are thrilled to introduce our Phoenix Contact SEA LinkedIn Career Page, the latest platform that helps to elevate our organisation’s culture and hopefully to attract the 450 million professionals worldwide on LinkedIn.  We specially created this page to make it significantly easier for candidates to understand our company, culture, career opportunities and to improve discoverability of job openings.

Wait no more and click here to check on our LinkedIn Career Page, or look below for a preview!



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