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A motor manager from Phoenix Contact deserves more attention than it gets, as it is a product built with the same quality and technical understanding of the Phoenix Contact brand. Motor managers from Phoenix Contact monitor motors for overload and underload, function, dirt, and wear. One can therefore provide permanent protection for pumps, actuating drives, fans, and machine tools, just to name a few examples. It offers full motor protection for both bimetal and thermistor, and also monitors all electric paramaters such as real power, current, voltage, and cos phi.

One of the applications of the Phoenix Contact Motor Manager is the underload detection in a pump. In the example pictured above, the continuous dry running of the pump will cause the pump to be damaged without any motor manager. With the motor manager, it will lower the power threshold and then stop the pump completely to prevent any hazardous dry running of the pump.

Another application of the Phoenix Contact motor manager is the overload detection in a machine tool. For example, if the feed value on a milling machine is set too high, the tool might break due to overload. Therefore, with the motor manager, one can set the power threshold accordingly to fit the milling process. Furthermore, with the motor manager, one can also detect tool wear in advance.

The advantages of using Phoenix Contact Motor Managers:

  • Integrated full motor protection
  • Protects high-grade system parts
  • High system availability
  • Saves the cost of sensors
  • Easy configuration and diagnostics
  • ATEX-certified for Ex e motors
  • Connection to controller via bus gateway
  • Parameterization via FDT/DTM concept with IFS-Conf software
  • Process data such as performance values, operating hours, and switching cycles are safely transmitted between field and control level

On top of that, the Phoenix Contact Motor Manager can also be use together with the CONTACTRON, which is a hybrid motor starter. The CONTACTRON can increase the reliability of the motor starter to ten times compared to conventional contactors solution, reduce space requirement by up to 89%, and saves labour cost due to significantly less wiring effort. Do visit Phoenix Contact’s blog or website for more information on CONTACTRON, or drop us an email at



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